Say Goodbye to Shampoo

The Perils of Shampoos

Shampoo firmly grabs impurities and oils.Shampoo also grabs the protective oils the scalp produces naturally.Water firmly grabs the shampoo and everything is rinsed away.Damage is doneHair is FRIED FRIZZY and SAD.After shampoo does its damage, conditioner is the cleanup crew.Conditioner has moisturizers and silicones to fill the gaps and crack left behind by shampoo.

The Virtues Of New Wash!

New Wash uses a proprietary blend of essential oils and naturally derived saturated cleansers instead of detergents to grab impurities loosely attached to the hair strand.It leaves natural oils where they belong.Water grabs New Wash and only rinses impurities awayCuticles are closedCortex is protectedCOLOR IS SAVED
What about conditioner?With New Wash YOU DON'T NEED CONDITIONER